Las Estrellas at Cabanas La Luna

Taste Mexico!

In the past couple of months when we had to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the creative minds at La Luna refused to sit still and took the time to create something. We came up with a new concept, which would connect the beautiful ingredients coming of the land in Mexico, with the fresh seafood arriving straight to our beach and give it a twist of some of the other influential cuisines in this world, to create a unique fusion of Mexican beach food. We have a healthy mix of Vegan and Seafood dishes, with one or two organic chicken dishes. We use products from local produce that come straight from the farmer, do not use any form of red meat in our dishes and make everything from scratch to keep our footprint as a sustainable business as low as possible.

To also show the connection to La Luna as a long standing name in Tulum and its Mayan heritage, we decided to call it Yuuy Tulum, where Yuuy means "Lunar" in the Mayan language. As the world still has to open up completely after the recent events, the restaurant is now opened with a soft opening, having a smaller menu with select dishes from the eventual Yuuy menu. We are complying with all the new health rules and have our staff properly trained to ensure the healthiness of our guests and we are ready to serve you our new tasty food and cocktails in a secure environment.

The restaurant opens from 8 am - 9 pm daily, with the beach club being open from 11 am - 7 pm. We accept both credit cards and cash.

If you want to make a reservation please email our reception at:

Breakfast at La Luna

At La Luna, we understand the importance of starting your day well, and therefor put lots of love in providing our guests with a varied and filling breakfast.

If you are an early bird, you will feel right at home, enjoy the sunrise on the beach. Then from 8 till 11 am the breakfast will be open, coffee & tea, a fresh juice of the day from one of our local fruits, a choice of some wonderful dishes, traditional Mexican chilaquiles, a plate of fresh fruit with natural yoghurt and granola and Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, amongst many others.

Set yourself up perfectly for your day with our delicious breakfast, while overlooking the beautiful Carribean sea!

Lunch on the Beach

During the day our guests can both enjoy sitting at a table with their feet in the sand, on our outside sand terrace, which with its elevation makes for an incredible vista of the sea. For guests who want to be in a more relaxed beach setting, you can make use of on of our double beach beds and have your drinks and food brought right out to you.

If you would like to reserve a table on the beach or on the deck, or a beach bed (minimum consumption per bed of 750 pesos in the weekends) please contact us:

Dinner with authentic Mexican dishes

Come and experience Yuuy at night when our restaurant lights up under a starry sky. The evening is perfect to try out one of our seafood specials, which are delivered daily by the fisherman on our beach. Let yourself be pampered by our staff for a special night on Tulum beach. 

Send us an e-mail to make your reservation for a table as well for special group events at our restaurant!